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November 13, 2017

soothing mum and baby

The bond between a mother and her newborn baby is one of the strongest connections in nature, but the influx of hormones, and sheer exhaustion of motherhood can wreak havoc on new mum’s skin. Looking after a young child is a huge stress on your body and this releases the hormone cortisol into the body, weakening the skin and causing issues, such as loss of radiance and dryness.

Here at Little Butterfly London, we pride ourselves on using quality natural ingredients that help combat skin issues that new mums face daily whilst ensuring each ingredient used is safe to use, even when breastfeeding.

soothing new mum’s skin – our hero ingredients

Our ‘cocoon of bliss stretchmark butter’ helps soothe and calm itchy skin by using its powerful formula that includes rooibos and arnica flower. Arnica flower extract helps to reduce cell inflammation and enhances circulation, which is ideal for mums with stressed out, red and itchy skin.

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Fuelled with powerful botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals, our ‘scent of seas toning body serum’ uses roobios extract to help protect, heal and soothe the skin of new mothers and mums-to-be.

This high-performance serum assists in restoring elasticity and returns bounce to over-stretched or slack skin, whilst leaving a feeling of instant lightness.

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soothing baby’s skin – our hero ingredients

Calm your babies skin with mandarin essential oil. Our 100% ecocert certified organic ‘love eternal baby massage oil’ is filled with a luxurious oil blend that pampers baby with soothing mandarin oil alongside nourishing peach and protective rosehip oils.

With quite a history dating back thousands of years to traditional Chinese medicine, mandarin is known to be the sweetest and the most calming of all citrus essential oils. Our baby massage oil is lightly infused with mandarin and orange pure essential oils, to calm, soothe and lend a subtle sweet fragrance.

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Our best selling ‘soft as moonlight nappy change cream’ features oat kernel extract which is a super skin soothing, natural ingredient. Our unusually rich and generous blend of ingredients within our award winning nappy cream includes 18 carefully selected ingredients such as nurturing mango seed butter, comforting calendula and camomile to relieve discomfort. Cocoa, shea butter and buttermilk nourish and protect, while peach kernel and cucumber seed oil maintain the skin’s healthy moisture levels.

Treat your little one to this beautiful nappy change cream, with added oat kernel extract, zinc oxide, vitamin C and E to promote healing and natural protection. Rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is beautifully calming as it melts into the skin.

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