October 23, 2014

A Mother’s Wish List

It is true to say that your life changes when you have children. There is the change in priorities, the change in sleeping habits (sadly…) and the change in your wardrobe (chasing a toddler in high heels turns out to be impossible). However, one of the biggest changes I experienced was that I suddenly became aware of a whole new array of brands and products, which cater for new mummies and babies. There are some stunning items out there – from cashmere blankets to beautiful changing bags – and currently, these are the top five items on my Wish List:

 Cashmere blankets from http://www.purebaby.co.uk/ – from £102 

Bonnie Baby  Sky Blanket in Grey

Bonnie Baby Sky Blanket in Grey

Not all blankets are created equal. A soft cashmere blanket offers a luxurious touch that you and your baby will appreciate. It is worth the investment as it is something you will cherish, use on a daily basis and will keep as a precious souvenir. I certainly did that with mine. My favourite cashmere blanket has a beautiful discrete print on light taupe coloured cashmere with a satin ribbon. It is still in a great condition despite putting it in the washing machine once, which is of course not recommended…

The Nest Bag from Marie Chantal – £495 from http://www.gift-library.com/

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 17.03.56

Proof that a changing bag can look glamorous too, the Nest Bag from Marie Chantal ticks all the right boxes, combining practicality with style. Unfortunately, this bag wasn’t available yet when my son was born and I was forever looking for a beautiful, practical changing bag, but nothing seemed worth the investment. If you find yourself on the same quest, looking for a changing bag you want to be seen with, then have a look at the Marie Chantal bags, which come in several colours…

Luxury Mother & Baby Massage Oil – try our Little Butterfly London ‘Fall into Dreams’ Mother & Baby Massage Oil, £27

fall into dreams

fall into dreams

It is one of my favourite products in the range as the Little Butterfly London Mother and Baby Massage Oil not only provides nourishing care for your baby’s skin, but also facilitates a bonding experience with your little one. Gently massaging your baby’s skin is such a precious way to bond and connect with your child. Our massage oil is 100% organic and certified and contains only the most precious of oils such as rose hip, argan, peach kernel, apricot and jojoba mixed with calendula for a healing effect. Very lightly scented with organic orange and mandarine essential oils … just the right amount to make it the perfect sensual experience for you and your little one.

 Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014 – £3,000 from http://luxury.harrods.com/

Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014

Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014

It can’t get much better. The old-style Silver Cross prams are just beautiful, but lack thefunctionality required for city living. You won’t have that problem with the new limited edition Silver Cross Aston Martin, which boasts air-ride suspension, touch-perfect handling and an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy structure – oh and it goes without saying that it looks fabulous too!

Sleeping bags from Tartine et Chocolat – £85 from Blue Almonds www.bluealmonds.co.uk


I love these sleeping bags as they are so practical and are available in gorgeous designs and beautiful, elegant colours. I used these for my son until he grew out of them as they kept him warm and snug. As a bonus, these sleeping bags look stunning in the nursery too.