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July 15, 2015

And the Award goes to…

LL AwardsIt is remarkable to see how well children respond to praise to reinforce good behavior. We can see by observing our children’s innocent reactions, how it is in our DNA to welcome positive reinforcement to grow as a person…. And I have to admit, that even as an adult I’m not impartial to it either…

LBP Award 2014 Logo MASTER

Little Butterfly London has received eight award nominations since our launch, last year in September 2014. I was very pleased to see that our baby skincare line is getting so strongly recognised. It has confirmed and even boosted my ambition to continue the journey I have started, and has made me reflect on how far we have come in such a short time. It is a pleasure to see our meticulously designed products and brand, reflected in the appreciation of this competitive market and hear people’s admiration for Little Butterfly London. I am amazed to see it travel from a light bulb idea, onto to the shelves of the country’s leading retailers.

tgp_nba_2015_silverWe were delighted to see our ‘bubbles in the breeze’ top to toe wash win the Silver Award in The Green Parent magazine awards. The formulation is beautifully delicate and enriched with pure organic plant extracts such as meadowsweet, cucumber and oat kernel extract. Alongside this, our hero product, the ‘soft as moonlight’ nappy change cream, which contains more than 18 precious ingredients, has been nominated for five LBP (Loved By Parents) Awards. Our “fall into dreams” mother & baby massage oil, which contains only the most precious and selected ingredients, has been shortlisted for a FreeFrom Skincare award, and our entire range has been shortlisted for the “best infant skincare range” in the Little London Awards.

In many of these categories we are undeniably the smallest and youngest brand, competing Shortlist 15 RGB 72dpiwith strong established players, which have been on the market for many years. We hope however, that what we lack in years on the market, we are making up with unparalleled quality in skincare formulations, all delicately packaged and presented.

Finally, receiving awards is wonderful, but it is only a confirmation that we are on the right track, not the end of the road. We are very grateful for the excellent response we have had from the media and will continue to strive for British excellence, and to provide only the best and safest skincare for the most precious skin of all, that of our little ones.


September 17, 2014

Finally here!

gudrun_106I always feel September is a month of transition; holidays are finally over, autumn is just on our doorstep and children go back to school. Maybe it is no coincidence then that it took until this September to finally announce the launch of my beautiful baby skincare brand. What started as a vague idea has blossomed into a proper business and it is incredibly exciting that the Little Butterfly products are now available to purchase from selected London stockists and from our e-commerce website.

The story of Little Butterfly is a very personal one. In spring 2012, when my son was a year old, I realised there were no organic-certified luxury baby skincare ranges available. There were some products out there, but none of them quite ticked all the boxes. I wanted something that was made of precious ingredients and presented with an air of elegance … essentially products that I would love to pamper my own baby with.

The road from idea to business is one that starts with lots of research. I spent many hours and days looking into the finer details of the skincare industry: how organic cosmetics were made, what products were on the market, what ingredients they contained and eventually found my own vision for Little Butterfly, the brand I decided to create.

So here we are – thanks to many amazingly talented (and patient!) people, who helped me along the way – Little Butterfly, Britain’s first organic-certified (by Ecocert) luxurious skincare range for babies, has finally taken flight …

All products are absolutely free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, silicones, SLS, DEA, TEA, PEGs and artificial fragrances. Created lovingly in England, with imaginative blends and only the most precious ingredients, the range is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and formulated to the very highest standards.

I hope you will enjoy discovering the world of Little Butterfly, just as I did creating it…