December 15, 2014

How to plan the perfect kid’s party…

Rochelle George and Kim Asprey know all the secrets to making your little one’s birthday truly special. Their new London based events company Ruby and Roo create bespoke and memorable children’s parties that celebrate the playfulness of childhood.  Here Kim Asprey explains why she started her high-end children’s party planning business and what her top tips are to make your kid’s party into a success…


Where did the idea for Ruby & Roo come from?

Rochelle and I have been friends for over eight years, and our backgrounds are a combination of working in child care and development, PR, marketing and events.

The idea for Ruby & Roo came about because we saw that there was a gap in the market for a completely bespoke and high-end children’s party planning company in London. We felt our combined experiences created a wonderful synergy and the perfect grounds for establishing this type of business together. The idea for the name Ruby & Roo stems from Rochelle’s nickname Roo and her antipodean roots…she is originally from New Zealand. We felt it added a lovely twist on your typical party planners’ names and has a nice ring to it too!

What do you enjoy most about organising parties? 

There is so much satisfaction in planning children’s parties to perfection. Seeing the guests’ faces light up in amazement when they enter the party is just the best feeling ever and makes all the hard work and preparation worthwhile. It is a joy to make these children’s dreams come to life and leaving them with lasting happy memories.


Tell us about the secrets of throwing a great kids party. What are your top three tips?

There are so many important aspects, but we would say the following are essential:

  • + Make a master to-do list which contains the most important details such as your guest list, contact information, supplies, dietary restrictions, RSVPs and so on
  • + Create a theme that your child will love – perhaps recreate a favourite Disney film or character. Send out invites in plenty of time to guarantee a good turnout
  • + Organise engaging and age appropriate activities for the children attending
  • + Show-stopping and lively performers are an absolute must if you want to keep the little ones happy
  • + Unique bespoke cakes that tie in with the theme can act as the centre piece of the party. The food you serve is equally important if not more for leaving a lasting impression with all guests

What is the most unique party request you have received so far? 

We received a brief recently to arrange a science party for a 6 year old girl and we had such fun bringing all the elements together! We organised for two ‘Mad Scientist’ entertainers to teach the children how to make ‘radioactive putty’ and mix dry ice potions. We created a bespoke hand sculpted three tier test tube birthday cake with a popping candy centre and marbled sponge. The candy bar was over-flowing with large test tubes filled with neon marshmallows, mad scientist cake pops, fizz whizz cosmic dust, gobstoppers, sherbet lolly’s and flying saucers. The science themed gift bags contained bubble science kits, a build-your-own microscope and a grow your own plant from gel kit – if only we could be six all over again!

What do you think sets you apart from all other kids party-planners in Central London?

Ruby and Roo is a collaboration of two dear friends who have a collective 30 years of experience working with children and in events. We love what we do and this is reflected in the personal service and great attention to detail that we offer. It is our aim to make every party truly special and memorable and we go the extra mile to achieve this.  We cater to all budgets and we have access to a wide network of trustworthy suppliers and CRB checked entertainers who we work with regularly.

We attend the parties ourselves to make sure everything is perfect and runs smoothly…..

October 23, 2014

A Mother’s Wish List

It is true to say that your life changes when you have children. There is the change in priorities, the change in sleeping habits (sadly…) and the change in your wardrobe (chasing a toddler in high heels turns out to be impossible). However, one of the biggest changes I experienced was that I suddenly became aware of a whole new array of brands and products, which cater for new mummies and babies. There are some stunning items out there – from cashmere blankets to beautiful changing bags – and currently, these are the top five items on my Wish List:

 Cashmere blankets from – from £102 

Bonnie Baby  Sky Blanket in Grey

Bonnie Baby Sky Blanket in Grey

Not all blankets are created equal. A soft cashmere blanket offers a luxurious touch that you and your baby will appreciate. It is worth the investment as it is something you will cherish, use on a daily basis and will keep as a precious souvenir. I certainly did that with mine. My favourite cashmere blanket has a beautiful discrete print on light taupe coloured cashmere with a satin ribbon. It is still in a great condition despite putting it in the washing machine once, which is of course not recommended…

The Nest Bag from Marie Chantal – £495 from

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 17.03.56

Proof that a changing bag can look glamorous too, the Nest Bag from Marie Chantal ticks all the right boxes, combining practicality with style. Unfortunately, this bag wasn’t available yet when my son was born and I was forever looking for a beautiful, practical changing bag, but nothing seemed worth the investment. If you find yourself on the same quest, looking for a changing bag you want to be seen with, then have a look at the Marie Chantal bags, which come in several colours…

Luxury Mother & Baby Massage Oil – try our Little Butterfly London ‘Fall into Dreams’ Mother & Baby Massage Oil, £27

fall into dreams

fall into dreams

It is one of my favourite products in the range as the Little Butterfly London Mother and Baby Massage Oil not only provides nourishing care for your baby’s skin, but also facilitates a bonding experience with your little one. Gently massaging your baby’s skin is such a precious way to bond and connect with your child. Our massage oil is 100% organic and certified and contains only the most precious of oils such as rose hip, argan, peach kernel, apricot and jojoba mixed with calendula for a healing effect. Very lightly scented with organic orange and mandarine essential oils … just the right amount to make it the perfect sensual experience for you and your little one.

 Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014 – £3,000 from

Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014

Silver Cross Aston Martin Edition 2014

It can’t get much better. The old-style Silver Cross prams are just beautiful, but lack thefunctionality required for city living. You won’t have that problem with the new limited edition Silver Cross Aston Martin, which boasts air-ride suspension, touch-perfect handling and an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy structure – oh and it goes without saying that it looks fabulous too!

Sleeping bags from Tartine et Chocolat – £85 from Blue Almonds


I love these sleeping bags as they are so practical and are available in gorgeous designs and beautiful, elegant colours. I used these for my son until he grew out of them as they kept him warm and snug. As a bonus, these sleeping bags look stunning in the nursery too.

September 17, 2014

Finally here!

gudrun_106I always feel September is a month of transition; holidays are finally over, autumn is just on our doorstep and children go back to school. Maybe it is no coincidence then that it took until this September to finally announce the launch of my beautiful baby skincare brand. What started as a vague idea has blossomed into a proper business and it is incredibly exciting that the Little Butterfly products are now available to purchase from selected London stockists and from our e-commerce website.

The story of Little Butterfly is a very personal one. In spring 2012, when my son was a year old, I realised there were no organic-certified luxury baby skincare ranges available. There were some products out there, but none of them quite ticked all the boxes. I wanted something that was made of precious ingredients and presented with an air of elegance … essentially products that I would love to pamper my own baby with.

The road from idea to business is one that starts with lots of research. I spent many hours and days looking into the finer details of the skincare industry: how organic cosmetics were made, what products were on the market, what ingredients they contained and eventually found my own vision for Little Butterfly, the brand I decided to create.

So here we are – thanks to many amazingly talented (and patient!) people, who helped me along the way – Little Butterfly, Britain’s first organic-certified (by Ecocert) luxurious skincare range for babies, has finally taken flight …

All products are absolutely free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, silicones, SLS, DEA, TEA, PEGs and artificial fragrances. Created lovingly in England, with imaginative blends and only the most precious ingredients, the range is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and formulated to the very highest standards.

I hope you will enjoy discovering the world of Little Butterfly, just as I did creating it…