June 26, 2018

introducing our new fresh meadows jade stone body treatment

Joining our ‘dreamy pre-natal’ and ‘new mums’ post-natal experience, we welcome the latest edition to our dreamy pregnancy massage collection, available in selected luxury hotels and spas in the UK.

It is estimated around 1 in 2 pregnant women suffer with fluid retention during pregnancy which can lead to cramping, puffiness and restless legs.

Little Butterfly London is the first in the UK pregnancy market to launch a body treatment which incorporates jade stone drainage massage techniques. Jade stone is naturally cooling and has remarkable drainage benefits as well as recognised psychological benefits of reducing anxiety, helping insomnia and promoting eternal love.

Our ‘fresh meadows jade stone body treatment’ provides the ultimate cooling pregnancy massage for legs, arms, chest and scalp. This revitalising treatment incorporates both a soothing massage with our ‘fall into dreams’ massage oil as well as effective drainage massage techniques with our ‘fresh meadows’ cooling leg gel.

The lymphatic drainage massage uses a cool jade stone, which is linked to fertility and promotes eternal love. The jade stone also calms the mind, aids restfulness and reduces fluid retention. The synergy of these specialised massage movements relieves cramps, puffiness, heaviness and restless legs, to make you feel light as a breeze.  A new ‘fall into dreams’ mother and baby massage oil (100ml) will be opened and used for your treatment. With our compliments, you will receive the rest of the product to take home with you; to nourish, soften and promote peaceful sleep for both mother and baby.