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Although it's an exciting, magical time, pregnancy can bring aches and fatigue.
So we are delighted to be the first British luxury mother and baby skincare brand to offer dedicated massage treatments for pregnant women and new mums.

Those soothing, restorative experiences are exclusively available in wellness spas and luxury hotels in the UK and Ireland. You will also be able to browse and purchase our full Little Butterfly London skincare range in outlets offering this treatment.

Treat yourself to some heavenly “me time” with our …

our dreamy pre-natal experience

This heavenly 60 or 90 minutes long pregnancy pre-natal treatment incorporates our
fall into dreams mother & baby massage oil with a full body massage designed to soothe,
calm and relieve the strains of pregnancy.

For mums-to-be who are experiencing disturbed sleep, aches, pains and puffiness, this dreamy massage will give you a moment to rest and restore. A new, "Fall Into Dreams" Mother and Baby Massage Oil (100ml) will be opened and used for your treatment.

With our compliments, you can take the rest of the product home, to nourish, soften and support your skin’s elasticity for the rest of your pregnancy. And of course, this delicately fragrant oil is the perfect way to soothe and promote peaceful sleep after baby is born.


our new mum's post-natal experience

The ‘New Mum’s Nurturing Touch’ is a post-natal massage that has been designed
to give new mums some real tender love and care.

When we created the treatment we considered both the physical and emotional toll taken on the mind and body when bringing a new baby home. This nurturing treat will help new mums to soothe the mind and emotions and focuses to relive post-natal symptoms such as lack of sleep, aches and pains and excess fluid in the body.

During the treatment we use our scent of seas toning body serum, a high performance serum that assists in restoring elasticity and bounce to overstretched skin. Extract from Poppy Seeds stimulate the breakdown of fat, which results in a more even appearance of skin, whilst Manilkara leaf extract helps to plump and firm. The serum will be applied to areas of concern, where the skin may have slackened during pregnancy.

Following the serum, the fall into dreams mother & baby massage oil is massaged further gently all over the body, which will help provide long lasting nourishment to the skin. The oil contains rosehip, rich in vitamins A and C helping to prevent premature aging as well as argan, peach and apricot.

This heavenly pregnancy post-natal treatment equally incorporates our
fall into dreams mother & baby massage oil  with a full body massage designed to soothe,
calm and relieve the strains of pregnancy and new motherhood.



Dreamy Spa