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  • Isabella Calthorpe-Branson, actress & mother of Eva-Deia, UK

    I TOTALLY LOVE the baby bath bubbles ... just gorgeous. Little Butterfly London is my favourite brand!

  • Lisa Ling, TV celebrity | actress, 1 child, los angeles - USA

    For sure Little Butterfly London counts amongst my most preferred baby products!

  • Imke, mom of Florentine (1 year), executive, germany

    When our daughter was born I knew I would only accept purely natural ingredients if it comes to anything touching her skin. Little Butterfly London was recommended by a friend and all I can say about the products is that they are simply amazing. One of my favorites is the nappy change cream. It blends in so nicely and leaves such a soft feeling, any redness disappears immediately.

  • Jacqui, midwife, 3 children, london - UK

    This nappy cream is a-ma-zing. Truly never tried one of this quality before. In fact I even use it myself on my own face and lips and literally everywhere I feel that my skin needs extra nourishment and care. I also love the massage oil with its premium ingredient and as it promotes healing and has such a lovely delicate scent. It is a simply wonderful range that ticks all the boxes and I recommend it all the time to my clients.

  • Dr. Chrissie Yu, BSc, MB BS, MD, MRCOG - 3 children, london - UK

    The products are absolutely divine - delicately packaged and perfect for everyone, not only newborn babies. The nappy cream is super rich to the skin without leaving a greasy mark and it is totally organic. The smell is heavenly. My eldest daughter has moderate eczema and I have been using the nappy cream on her eczema patches and it has totally transformed her skin. The massage oil is a real treat not only for the little ones. The products are original and a lot of dedication and research have gone into producing such an amazing range of skin products. It is simply the perfect gift for all new mums.

  • Dr. Romana Altenhuber, paediatric urologist, 3 children, vienna - austria

    In my job I have seen many babies and small children with skin problems. Most of them probably encouraged by chemicals surrounding us daily and of course conventional creams and skincare products. This is a range I would fully recommend since its formulations are specifically designed to care for newborn and baby skin and only include really precious natural and organic ingredients, which are gentle yet effective.

  • karo, mom of lini (11 months), entrepreneur, hannover - germany

    Just what I was looking for my little princess. Organic, safe, beautiful products that work and are more than gentle to baby skin. Hope they will be soon available in stores in Germany, meanwhile grateful for getting them online :-). 

  • anke, mom of leon (10 months), marketing consultant, mallorca - spain

    My son has very sensitive skin and I usually use a cream recommended by the physician, which I buy in the pharmacy. However, I wanted to try this body lotion which I saw in a shop. I liked the smell and so I bought it to give it a try. I used many commercial creams and my son always developed little dry patches... however with dewdrops his skin remained nice and smooth. I finally found a cream which smells beautifully and suits my son's skin problems. I can't wait to try the other products.

  • anouk, mom of ella (3yrs), biontologist, london - UK

    Thanks for the stunning samples! The packaging immediately swept me away, plus the products are organic and look great in my bathroom. The bodylotion personally is my preferred product. I like things natural and minimal and this cream gives just the right nutrition for my daughter's skin without sticking or leaving too much residue plus she loves the smell (and me too!).

  • carolyn, mom of bennett (6 months), pediatrist, vancouver - canada

    What a range! Thanks for the samples. Particularly fond of the nappy cream! Not only it took care of my son's sore bum overnight, but it also looks just beautiful in his nursery. I actually also used the body lotion for myself and love the smell, it leaves my skin wonderfully nourished but does not stick. Products that work and that look gorgious - thanks Little Butterfly.

  • annika, mom of lavigna (1 year), art historian, london - UK

    Little Butterfly is not only the best baby product available on the market, it is also a treat for the mums to use - the products smell absolutely delicious! I use them for myself as well!!

  • isabella, mom of spiros + peter (2yrs + 3 months), actress, athens - greece

    I just love the nappy cream, what a wonderful texture, melts right onto the skin and the next day all the redness is gone. I would only use the best for my children. Little Butterfly meets all the criteria and exceeded all my expectations.

  • marie, mom of oliver (2yrs), mgmt consultant, hong kong

    I am a big fan of the massage oil, finally a different formula which does not smell of lavender and camomille and is based on really precious oils. A real treat, which I also use for myself! The bath milk is also superb, I love the fact that it contains cucumber oil and buttermilk, an original and nourishing combination, which I have not yet seen anywhere else.

  • irina, mom of sacha (3 years), interior designer, london - UK

    My son is 3 years old and he loves the product. He really enjoys playing with the foam the top to toe wash makes! Most importantly though, he has sensitive skin and we’ve been through numerous products in search for something that agrees with him. It’s been quite difficult, as even the products marked ‘Extra gentle’ caused a reaction. Little Butterfly products are perfect for him – no more rashes or redness! We are both very happy indeed.

  • vanessa, mom of arabella (1 yr), entrepreneur, london - UK

    I love using Little Butterfly on my precious daughter as I know a lot of care has gone into the product. The all natural, organic ingredients mean that I am taking the best care of my baby's skin, while having the confidence and security of knowing that I am not putting anything on her that is bad for her, like the additives that can be found in many other baby skin care brands!

  • sarah, mom of 2 (christina, christian), finance expert, london - UK

    Christian gets nappy rashes very quickly, so I am most delighted with Little Butterfly's nappy change cream as it is not only a protection, but wonderfully rich and soothing and a delight to put on as it melts into the skin. The top-to-toe wash is another one of my favorites as not only it is mild and bubbly, but also does it contain  beautiful extracts that nourish the skin. A high-quality but equally stylish range.