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Mother Skin


how Little Butterfly London took flight...


My inspiration for an exquisite, organic-certified baby skincare range came with the birth of my little boy, Lucas.
As a new mother, I wanted to nurture his delicate newborn skin, giving him the best start in life, whilst making our time together as magical as it could possibly be.

Having been passionate about luxury skincare since I was a girl, my standards for my own son’s skin were high; and though I traveled the world, I couldn’t find a range that ticked all my boxes: organic luxury, absolutely safe, gentle and beautifully effective, designed to care for even newborn and highly sensitive, irritation-prone skin. I also wanted reassurance from certifying bodies so that I could be confident that nothing harmful was included and that the care of our planet had been considered and respected through ethical production and exemplary trading measures.

My explorations piqued my interest and I then began to embrace the study of organic cosmetics, immersing myself in the world of gentle plant actives and ingredients; those which nourish, soothe and protect.
And with that, my dream was born: to create Britain’s first luxury, organic-certified baby skincare range.

a celebration of pregnancy

As a mother, I know how exciting and sometimes daunting it can be to see our bellies grow and our bodies change. Throughout my own experience, I strongly believed that whilst our bodies were working on creating magic, they also deserved to be cherished. Pregnancy and early motherhood are fleeting times when women should be able to treasure, indulge and pamper their incredible bodies. Women deserve to slow down and immerse themselves in this important journey of creating and nurturing life.

My intention was to enhance natural beauty and help women to bask in this magical time with products that reach beyond organic purity and comfort, bringing pleasure and lifting the mood. Products perfectly safe to be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding, while highly effective and containing powerful active plant ingredients that deliver visible results - alongside the enjoyment of beautiful textures and scents.

A luxurious indulgence for life's most cherished moments…

…precious organics for mothers & babies.

Gudrun Wurm - mother and founder of Little Butterfly London