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Meet the Founder of Little Butterfly London

Meet the Visionary: Founder of Little Butterfly London

This International Women’s Day we invite you to meet Gudrun, Mother and Founder of Little Butterfly London.


Following the birth of her son Lucas, Gudrun was inspired to create an ultra-safe, yet efficacious certified-organic, vegan-friendly premium skincare range for mothers and babies, which she launched after two years of research and development in 2015.

What inspired you to create Little Butterfly London?

I used to work within the corporate world, but always envisioned running my own business once I became a mother, so that I could be independent, but also create a balance between the two worlds.  After having my son Lucas, I soon became aware of the lack of premium brands available in the mother & baby skincare segment, which was a lightbulb moment for me. Having been a skincare fanatic all my life, I had a very clear vision of the qualities I would want in a skincare range for mothers and babies.  Safety and suitability for the most delicate of skin types were paramount, so I set about researching the gentlest organic ingredients, that were not only safe and nurturing, but highly effective and beneficial to even eczema-prone and highly sensitive types to sooth and help heal irritable skin conditions.

What does motherhood mean to you?

I wouldn’t describe myself as the typical ‘mummy type’ but I absolutely love being a mum - I would probably consider my son as my biggest achievement in life. Becoming a mother changed my life overnight and the early days certainly came with huge challenges, but at the same time I started to grow an overwhelming sense of wholeness and purpose that over time drove me closer to my true self.  He is now 11, so rather grown up, and our relationship has become even more rewarding as we are able to enjoy more activities together and have proper discussions about everyday life.  I also have come to realise that motherhood is a very personal journey.  We all experience it in our own unique way depending on our own childhood experiences, general life circumstances and support system etc.; it’s certainly very interesting to observe what it brings out in us, and who we become along the way. 

What advice would you give someone running a business and navigating motherhood?

Be kind to yourself and make sure you find enough time to spend with your children when they are little and as they grow up, as their childhood goes so fast.  I launched my business as a single mother, when my son was just 3-years-old.  It was very hard striking the right balance, and I found myself working all the time with little headspace to enjoy my precious moments with him.  It went by far too fast, and he’s so grown-up now! You can’t get these special years back, so I would say make sure you take some time out and be present when you are with them, so you won’t regret having missed out on the early years.

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone starting to build a brand?

Make sure you are truly passionate about what you are doing since it’s not the easiest journey and requires perseverance. Always keep your vision and don’t be frazzled or put off by bumps on the road.  Don’t let doubt or too much fear creep in (though this is almost part of the process). Be focused, trust, keep showing up and just keep going…  My experience is that as long as you follow your heart, then you are on the right track and support will come your way as and when you need it.   


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