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    Our bodies are precious. We believe that what is applied to the skin should be flawlessly pure, kind and gentle. We are transparent with our ingredients, which are all listed on our website and packaging – with clear explanations of each product’s natural and organic content in its percentage to the whole.


    We are passionate about bringing you excellence. Every organic blend has been impeccably sourced to nurture, soothe and protect – beautifully wrapped with nothing left to chance. Our products have been tested by midwives, medical and industry experts and won a long list of awards – yet we don’t take success for granted and strive always to improve.


    Life is a gift to be treasured and enjoyed. That special time when your belly is growing, those precious moments gazing at your little one … we want to make a difference with skincare that goes beyond cleansing and conditioning, but also brings pleasure and lifts the mood.


    We believe in beauty and the joy it brings to humankind. From the ingredients we meticulously select, to the way we lovingly present our products, the spirit and perfection of the butterfly always shines through.


    A little grace goes a long way. That’s why we are courteous and kind in our customer care. The highest standards of service are maintained as we bring elegant organics to discerning clients.

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