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    Our bodies are precious, which is why we believe that what we put on the skin should be flawlessly pure, kind, and gentle as can be. Our products are rigorously formulated, thoroughly tested and independently accredited by the world’s leading certification bodies to give you the ultimate assurance that what you are putting on your and your little one’s skin is supremely effective, yet absolutely safe.  You can trust that at Little Butterfly London we are as committed to purity, safety and eco-friendly practices as we are to delicately caring for the skin of your little butterfly.


    We are passionate about excellence, expressed in creating unique and exceptional products made to soothe, nurture, and protect. Every organic blend has been impeccably crafted and beautifully wrapped, so that each element of the Little Butterfly London experience is as special as the little ones they’ve been created for. Our products have been tested by industry experts and independent laboratories and have won an extensive list of awards – yet we continue to improve as science evolves and new information emerges, giving us the opportunity to continuously deliver the highest levels of quality and efficacy. 


    Life is a gift to be cherished and enjoyed - that special time when your belly is growing, those precious moments gazing at your baby, the days of joyful playtime with your little one. At Little Butterfly London we’ve created a skincare line that goes beyond the practical steps of cleansing and conditioning - it presents the opportunity to celebrate and soak up all of the little pleasures that life brings. 


    We believe in beauty and the joy its energy brings to us. From the ingredients we meticulously select, to the formulas we consciously create, to the way we lovingly present our products, it is of utmost importance that we nurture our product design and presentation to ensure that the beautiful spirit of the butterfly always shines through.


    Grace, kindness, and compassion go a long way. We believe in these inherently human values and are inspired to reflect this on a day-to-day business with our business practices, community interactions and the overall integrity of our company.

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