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      With nearly 30 years of experience in more than 130 countries, Ecocert is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices. It was the very first certification body to develop and implement specialised standards in the field of natural and organic cosmetics. Ecocert focuses on product composition by evaluating the raw materials included in our products – from the very source to our factory - guaranteeing that they are derived from renewable sources, manufactured by environmentally-friendly processes and are free from synthetics and GMO.

      The Ecocert Cosmos standard was set up in 2010 to harmonise various certifications and labels, in order to create one cohesive standard of excellence that is recognised globally. While reiterating the principles of Ecocert, it addresses the major issues essential to the environment and human welfare. Through rigorous inspection, Ecocert Cosmos also ensures that all of our storage, manufacturing and packaging process are clean, hygienic and traceable.

      All of our products have been tested and approved for their suitability on allergy-prone, eczema-prone and sensitive skin. These tests are carried out by reputable, expert laboratories in the UK and Germany adhering to strict EU regulations.

      All our mother skincare products have been expertly formulated with ingredients, that are both effective, yet perfectly safe during pregnancy and the breastfeeding periods.

      The Vegan logo certifies that our products do not contain any animal extracts nor animal by-products. This includes our ingredients and our manufacturing process. All but two of our products are vegan-friendly - bedtime bath milk and nappy change cream - due to them containing buttermilk extract and beeswax, which is not considered vegan.

      All of our products are approved by the Vegetarian Society, which is the oldest and most respected vegetarian organisation in the world, established in 1847. This accreditation involves independent and rigorous testing by experts, giving you reassurance, that we include only vegetarian ingredients and that nothing non-vegetarian is used during our production process. The Vegetarian certification also guarantees that our products are not tested on animals and that we do not commission testing to be done on our behalf.

      Home is where the heart is. We are proud that the Little Butterfly London range is exclusively created in London and made in England. Manufactured in small batches for optimum purity and freshness, we ensure that every product is perfect for your little one and you.

      We are a member of Cruelty Free International, a non-profit organisation that peacefully campaigns against animal experiments. We never test on animals and do not use ingredients manufactured by companies that commission animal testing.

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