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Your work life balance

Harmonizing Life: Navigating Your Work-Life Balance with Baby

Amongst all the excitement that surrounds welcoming your little one into the world and living in your baby bubble after their arrival, it can be all too easy to forget about planning your transition back to reality once one parent returns to work. Adapting to your new reality is all about balance, figuring out what works for your family, and it isn’t something that can be read about or taught as it’s completely unique for each situation.

When parental leave finishes for the parent who will be returning to work sooner, it can be difficult to concentrate on work duties when your other half is at home with the new baby, wanting to return as soon as possible to help out and give all important cuddles and kisses. Both parental roles are just as difficult and it’s important to discuss and designate tasks between you to establish a family routine and ensure everyone is involved.

Returning to work is challenging for a parent, leaving your partner and child all day so on your return, it’s important to try to help your partner with the evening routine, for example feeds, play time and bathing schedules. Obviously, depending on the hours of work you have, it can be difficult to engage with night feeds when you need your rest, but helping with the preparation for the night and the following day to ensure everything your partner could need is in place will make the world of difference!

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