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I try to be in bed by 11pm with my alarm set for 5:45 during weekdays. I used to get far too little sleep with max. 5-6 hrs a night, which caused brain fog and constant cravings for carbs and sugars. I only realised these detrimental effects during holidays when I got more sleep and consequentially observed no longer having the typical unhealthy food cravings until early in the afternoon, which finally led me to improve my bedtime routine.


I meditate daily and straight after I wake up for around 30 minutes with some breathing exercises prior. I went through many different types, but due to the simplicity I stick to the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. TM had been a true game changer for me since I started in 2019, when I suffered from strong anxiety due to a mix of challenges in my life. Whilst it feels less meditation is needed these days, I know that continuously tapping into “the field” anchors a higher frequency and ultimately keeps raising ones consciousness, which ultimately leads you to a better life experience.

3.  DIET 

I always thought that I was eating rather healthily, but after I read “The Plant Paradox” by Dr. Steven R. Gundry which explains the dangers of lectins in seemingly healthy foods, I realised I wasn’t really. Following the books suggestions, I eliminated all lectin-containing foods from my diet (wheat, nightshade vegetables, certain grains and seeds etc). I didn’t experience dramatic benefits immediately, but over time I realised that my body had become leaner, my blood circulation better and no more bloating and frequently swollen hands and feet, which were symptoms resulting from the gut inflammation that certain foods had created in my system. 


I run 30 mins daily after I drop my son off at school, which increases my oxygen intake, improves circulation and makes me feel overall very energised. In the evening I try to do a 30 mins Yoga practice guided by an online App, which has been another game changer alongside the lectin-free diet as it made me my body a lot leaner and stronger and ultimately gives me more mental strength in return.


I believe that we are here to spiritually evolve, whilst we navigate life’s ups and downs. When I feel challenged (which is quite often 😊) I research to find solutions on how to overcome certain blockages. It is natural to feel off at times, but I also learnt that when we feel off i.e., experience negative emotions that are often due to underlying unsupportive negative beliefs. By living mindfully and self-reflection we can identify and overcome negative beliefs and patterns, which can keep us stuck in certain areas of our life.


I like to keep things simple and therefore personally stick to a rather natural skincare routine, which includes thorough cleansing during the evening and in the morning with a weekly facial scrub. Due to my relatively dry, sensitive and easily irritable skin, I use our ‘wrapped in love’ calming anti-pollution baby face cream as the texture really suits my skin, whilst it is protected all day long from the elements and external pollutants. I then layer with a 50SPF regardless of the weather conditions.  In the evening, I use our ‘secrets at starlight’ illuminating night cream, which deeply nourishes and repairs. As strange as it might seem, I use our ‘soft as moonlight’ nappy change cream around the eyes overnight since it keeps this delicate area deeply nourished, protected and hydrated. I also love a good dry body brush regime before I shower and would then finish off with our ‘dewdrops at dawn’ body lotion. If I feel my skin needs more nourishment, I add a layer of our ‘fall into dreams’ mother & baby massage oil’.

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