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Why White Noise?

Sleep Serenity: Exploring the Benefits of White Noise

People have played white noise to their newborn babies for years in attempt to aid peaceful snoozing, it is a great tool which helps your baby develop a night-time routine, but what actually are the benefits and what should we be careful of?

Firstly, it creates a calming atmosphere by replicating sounds which are similar to those inside the womb, helping your little one to relax in an atmosphere they are used to. This familiarity helps your baby to sleep deeper and longer as they feel safer and more comfortable. 

The use of white noise can also help to drown out any sounds which will potentially disturb your baby’s sleep, for example, conversations, televisions, or noises outside your home, meaning they are able to have good quality sleep without unnecessary interruptions. This is a great tactic for those living in more urban areas such as big cities where traffic and other outside noises can be more significant. 

After developing a good bedtime routine, usually around 12 months old, wean them off white noise by playing it less and less each night so they can adapt to the natural sounds around them in the house. 

Before buying a white noise machine, or using white noise sounds from online sources, make sure to check that it does not exceed the sound limit for your little one. 

Happy snoozing! 

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