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Decorating your nursery trends

Nursery Trends: Elevate Baby's Space with Creative Decor

The Perfect Space 

A super-exciting yet time-consuming project, decorating your nursey is one of the tasks which can make the fast-approaching arrival of your little one seem very real, so the process of designing this room to perfectly suit your family should always be enjoyed by expecting parents. 

Whether you have chosen a theme, colour or have no idea where to start, there are so many fun and creative ways to approach this to make it an enjoyable pastime as opposed to a mammoth task. Here are some top tips on how to start your nursery journey: 

A Cute Theme 

Opting for a cute theme for your nursery is a great place to start and there are so many to choose from, for example, a jungle theme or clouds. Find a staple item and use it as inspiration for the rest of the room. 

Get creative with the wallpaper, curtains and accessories including toys, books, and other trinkets to really bring your theme to life. 

Think Practicality 

Of course, you want to create a beautiful and relaxing space, but make sure you also consider practicality. Good options for practical furniture purchases include a crib, changing table with lots of storage for nappies, clothes and other bits, and a good comfy chair, this will get a lot of use during night feeds. 

A Feature Wall 

Centring your room design around a feature wall can really help to pull a room together, whether it is a striking wallpaper, block colour or fancy paintwork, use shelves and hang prints to add texture and interest to the room. 

DIY walls in nurseries are increasingly popular, saving money and adding a unique edge to the room.


Investing in your little one’s nursery can be an expensive task alongside all the other bits you need to buy before their arrival. Upcycle what you can by using old household items, for example, giving and old dresser a lick of bright paint to create a quirky changing table. This also adds a personal family touch to the space.

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