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Introducing a sibling

Welcoming a Sibling: Nurturing Bonds and New Beginnings

Growing Your Family

Introducing another baby into your family is a special time, especially when your child is excited to have a younger sibling that they can play with, share memories, and grow up with; but it can also be quite difficult for children to adapt to the idea they will no longer have all your attention.

As we all know, a newborn baby requires a lot of time and effort, leaving you exhausted and often without time to complete your daily task between naps, feeds, and nappy changes. When this happens, older siblings can sometimes feel like they are not being given any love or time and can leave your child feeling upset.

There are a few things which are super important when having another baby to ensure all your children feel just as special as one another:

Explain – depending on the age of your child, explain to them age-appropriately how baby is going to grow and change and how their role as an older sibling will be extremely important helping their younger sibling to learn.

Create the Bond – it is nice for your child to experience quality time with their younger sibling and settle into being an older brother or sister, holding them, helping with tasks such as feeding and playing with them as this is a great way to create a strong bond during the early days.

Make Time – dedicate some time to your doing things your oldest child enjoys, take them swimming, or play their favourite game to ensure they can spend some time with you separately also.

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