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Help with Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Harmony: Guiding You Through Tranquil Birth

An idea ever-growing in popularity, hypnobirthing is a fantastic mechanism for soon-to-be mothers to help master calmness, decrease anxiety around birth and ease into the wonderful world of motherhood.

There are loads of benefits with the use of hypnobirthing including shortened labour and the body can naturally manage pain more easily, ultimately resulting in a happier, healthier mum and baby.

Using various methods of meditation and breathing techniques amongst other activities, hypnobirthing helps to relax the body and mind prior to and during labour to manage stress hormones during a very emotional period. It can also be a bespoke bonding experience for new parents to experience the magic of childbirth and creating a family together.

This technique is super helpful and here are just a few ways you can try it:

· Controlling your breathing by taking bigger, deeper breaths helps your nerves by giving you something to focus on and eases discomfort during labour

· Meditation allows you to focus fully on your body and your baby, and ignore external distractions such as background noise

· Visualisation processes help to imagine first moments with your baby and anticipate how you would like the birth to take place, although this will not be accurate due to medical uncertainty, it reduces any anxiety or fear around the idea of birth

· Take hypnobirthing classes to practise techniques around professionals who can guide and advise you before the big day

· Practise makes perfect – rehearsing these processes before your due date will allow you to gage your preferred method of stress management so you’re ready to go when baby is!

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