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Socialising your little one

Socializing Your Little One: Nurturing Connections and Growth

Your little one starts to develop their cheeky character from the moment they enter the world, learning and growing with each new smell, taste, and sensation they encounter. Once they reach a certain stage, your baby will want for interaction with children their own age to start developing their sense of self and make friends to teach valuable skills such as sharing, socialising, and setting boundaries.

At around 3 months of age, your baby will be interacting with you by sharing facial expressions, making noises, and responding to gestures you create. This is usually a good indicator that they are ready to meet other kids.

Socialisation is important at a young age for the development of your child’s personality, but it also helps to learn discipline with other children, sharing toys, something which only children may not be familiar with yet and interacting with their friends, reading emotions, and recognising how to respond to these. A strong set of social skills will be encouraged and developed at nursery or pre-school but starting this process outside the classroom gives your little one a head start.

Signing up for baby classes are a great way to socialise your little one, and there are lots of options which you can choose from based on your child’s interests – swimming, baby sensory, music and more! Selecting something your baby already enjoys will help them to feel at ease and find interest in the activity. Enquire locally or look online and on social media groups to find classes nearby which suit your schedule, this is also an easy way to meet other new parents in your area.

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