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'Mummy Spotlight' Q&A with Naomi Cartwright

Maternal Insights: Q&A with Naomi Facer in the Mummy Spotlight

We are shining the spotlight on Mums because we think they are all amazing!

We asked Mum of two, Naomi, some questions on family life and the joys and challenges of motherhood. 

How has motherhood surprised you?

I could never have prepared myself for the overwhelming feelings of love and fear, you worry about everything because you love them so much. Then there are the things that surprise you such as hearing phantom crying whenever in the shower and learning you can do everything one handed such as eating dinner ha!

What is a typical day like for you and your family?

Due to the current situation and lockdown what we can do as a family is very limited and our days feel very monotonous. However on the positive it has meant that my husband Neil who has been working from home for almost a year now due to the restrictions has been able to massively support and help with things like keeping an eye on the kids while I have a shower which I am so grateful for. 

My youngest Alfie is nearly 4 months old now so I feel like we are out of the crazy newborn haze and have more defined routine. Darcie my 3 year old usually wakes up first around 6.45-7am and my husband Neil will get up with her and give her breakfast and then take her nursery (she goes 2/3 times a week). During this time I feed Alfie and then he will have a kick around on the mat and play while I either have a quick shower or You Tube workout and breakfast. 

One morning a week I have been doing @happybabyyogaandmassage virtual classes with Alfie which Darcie would sometimes join in with too. Alfie will then have another feed and go down for a nap while I potter around the house doing admin, chores or working on my business.

Then we will have some lunch. After lunch we might go for a walk or to the park. Darcie will play independently at home or with us depending on what we have on that day or if I’m busy with Alfie. She loves doing jigsaws, colouring and crafts and imaginative play.

We usually have dinner around 5pm together as a family. Convenience is key for us, we usually have Gousto recipe meals 4 nights a week which takes all of the hassle out of thinking of what to cook and usually a takeaway at the weekend. 

After dinner we clean up the kitchen and tidy the house, then we start the bedtime routine. Both kids in the bath, into their pyjamas and then milk and story time. Darcie is in bed for 7pm and Alfie usually around 8-9pm as he cluster feeds in the evening.

In the evening we will flop onto the sofa, feet up and watch a Netflix series with some kind of chocolate or sweet treat bad habit we’ve gotten into since I was pregnant and then head to bed around 10.30pm. 

Then how the night goes is really pot luck, sometimes Alfie will sleep through until the morning other times he may wake once or twice, we are very much baby led with him. If it’s not him waking up then it’s Darcie ha! 

That’s it!

Hopefully with lockdown restrictions lifting soon our days will be less monotonous and the children can enjoy classes and days out again and we can enjoy the pub garden.

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood?

Fatigue is the biggest challenge, the sleepless nights are so mentally, emotionally and physically draining on the family, you can’t think clearly or logically and patience is running thin. Also those days when your still in your pyjamas, haven’t showered and the house is bombsite, just roll with mama no judgement here.

What is the biggest joy?

The pure joy of their first moments when they learn and discover how to do something. Their smiles, their giggles, their hugs. How imaginative and funny they are. Watching them grow and evolve. Revisiting the magic of childhood through their experiences and celebrating make-believe characters like Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. We are all big kids really, ha!

Best piece of advice you have been given or would give to a new mum?

Even during the toughest times as a parent remember that everything is a phase and it will eventually pass. Even when you feel exhausted and like you have nothing left to give you will go again and give some more because you are a mum. Lower your expectations, no matter what mum you thought you’d be it’s totally fine to bribe your toddler with the iPad and chocolate, you're not the only one ha!

Favourite LBL product?

Dewdrops at Dawn Body Lotion is a staple part of Alfie’s daily routine and the Secrets at Starlight Illuminating Night Cream for me is divine and smells good enough to eat, us mums deserve a bit of selfcare too.

Keep up to date with Naomi and her family on Instagram @ickle_na


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