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Special Mother's Day Q&A with our Founder, Gudrun

insightful moments: founder gudrun's mother's day Q&A

Gudrun's key motivator for developing the Little Butterfly London skincare range was her son, Lucas. Here she shares more on how the brand took flight, what the best part of being a Mum is and how she usually likes to spend Mother's Day.

"Essentially when I came to create the products, the number one priority was safety. Other key factors were quality, purity, ethnicity but also beauty. I came from a consumer prospective after searching for products for my own son and not being able too find them on the market. I came with a lot of integrity in wanting to create a brand that would be fit for my own expectations. I hoped that there would be other Mother’s who would also be searching for highly premium, safe, effective but also beautiful products for their own children, and themselves."

What is the best part about being a Mum?

"I have to say that when my Son was a baby I found it very challenging, being a new Mum and having just started the business was hard. Now he is older, he is such a beautiful companion. We have lots of fun together and it's just like having a little friend. The companionship you have with your child when they are a little older and more mature is really beautiful."

What is your ideal way to spend Mother’s Day?

"My Son is now 9 years old and loves food - anything from Asian food to fish and chips in a pub! We will obviously be doing things a little differently this year but usually we go out for lunch or dinner together, explore and go for walks. It’s always a lot of fun spending quality time with him, especially on Mother’s Day."

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day, with love from The Little Butterfly London team x

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