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Tips for Teething Tots

A very important time in your child’s life, teething is known for causing potential discomfort but there are ways to ensure it does not wreak havoc on your daily routine, making it easier for you and your little one. Babies start teething at all different ages, whilst some are born with their first teeth, others can take several months to begin so it’s important to know how to spot the signs and how you can help your little one during this important milestone.

If your baby is chewing their hands, feet, and other objects, this is a sign that they are teething, instead, teething rings are great tools which create a distraction and give baby something safe to chew on. You can also put these in the fridge to cool which then helps to soothe gums.

Depending on your baby’s age, if they have moved onto more solid foods, try giving them fruit or vegetables, this is helpful for your baby to explore new textures and creates a welcome distraction from the discomfort of teething.

Other signs of teething can include broken sleep, a temperature, and sore, red gums where the teeth are coming through, if your little one is experiencing stress from these symptoms, giving your baby paracetamol or ibuprofen will help to relieve any pain.

During this period your baby may require more attention than usual, giving lots of cuddles and dedicating time to play together is a helpful tool for both distraction and comfort.

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