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What to pack in your hospital bag?

Ready for Arrival: Essential Items for Your Hospital Bag

There is so much to think about and prepare for when approaching the end of your pregnancy, ensuring the nursery is prepped, buying enough newborn clothes and stocking up on plenty of nappies and baby wipes. 

Sometimes the list can seem endless and simple things can be overlooked or forgotten such as thinking about everything you may need for your hospital bag. It is important to consider both yours and your partners needs, as well as baby’s so here are some ideas on what to remember: 

For You

Without packing everything in your wardrobe, it is almost impossible to know how many clothes to take with you, stick to large, loose fitting clothing which is easy to lift or open for breastfeeding and removing layers. 

Underwear is super important, pack multiple pairs of maternity pants and comfortable, supportive bras and breast pads for those who intend to breastfeed. 

Keeping yourself entertained is great way to relax and pass time whilst you are in hospital, remember to pack your favourite book, podcast device or crossword puzzle. 

You will also need to essentials such as washbag, towels, slippers, dressing gown and other bits and bobs. 

For Baby 

It is always better to pack more than be left without when bringing your new one into the world so make sure you have nappies and wipes, sleepsuits, vests, and a comfy outfit for travelling home. 

Blankets and comforters are a great option to pack for your newborn as this will help with warmth and relaxation when getting your little one to sleep. 

Bibs, scratch mitts and baby booties are important little extras which will make your baby more comfortable and help you, as parents, to start using these items for your routine with your baby.

Of course, there are hundreds of things to consider when your little one is ready to arrive, make sure you do your research and speak to your medical professional about what to bring to the hospital ahead of your due date. 

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