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Maternal Mental Health: Time for You too

Nurturing Wellness: Maternal Mental Health and Self-Care

Time for You too 

We know that when you have a baby, whether newborn or toddling about, they are always going to be your main priority, what time do they need food, is their nappy dirty, when is it time for a nap? With all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it can be all too easy to forget to take time for yourself as well. 

With Maternal Mental Health Awareness week during the month of May, this is the perfect opportunity to take some well-deserved time, sit back, relax, and do something you enjoy. From running a hot bubble bath to visiting a friend you may have lost touch with, here are some relaxing ways to enjoy a little ‘you-time’. 


Pamper Night 

Once the little one has gone to bed, or if you are lucky, someone has offered to relieve you of duty for an evening – light some candles and pour yourself a drink of choice before painting your nails, indulging in a face mask, or relaxing into a warm bath and slipping into relaxation mode.

Escape to Another World 

Reading your favourite novel or binging the best series on Netflix, we underestimate just how therapeutic it can be to escape into a different reality and disconnect with life for an hour or two. 

Get Some Fresh Air 

Going for a walk, jog or simply just sitting in the garden is a great way to clear your mind when things get too intense. Alongside the numerous health benefits including increased oxygen to the brain to help lung capacity and blood flow, it is a great way to get some steps in and take a break during a busy day. 

Be Mindful 

Meditation and practising your breathing are just some of the ways to absorb the world around you and practise daily gratitude to maintain mental health benefits, self-awareness and improved concentration and focus. Meditation is also beneficial for lowering stress and anxiety levels – something which can be common amongst new mums. 

However you choose to spend your free time, make sure you enjoy yourself and most importantly, reward all the hard work you are putting in. 

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