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Fun for Tiny Hands

Tiny Hands, Big Fun: Engaging Playtime Delights for Babies

Whether it is tipping it down with rain, or if you are looking for something quick, fun, and free to do with your baby to stimulate their senses and ensure they have a good giggle – why not try baby sensory?

Baby sensory is great for several learning benefits for your child including language development, building nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, supporting cognitive skills, motor skills, problem solving abilities and so much more.

There are loads of exciting activities which can be created from the comfort of your own home using everyday household items. Lay down a mat (preferably a wipe clean one, this can get a little messy), put your little one into some old clothes and let the fun begin!

Wet and Wild

Fill a large plastic container with water and mix in some food dye to bring this game to life, grab your baby’s favourite bath toys and enjoy splashing around. You can also use plastic cups, pots and pans as well as other safe kitchen items to make this more interesting.

Messy Pasta Play

For something unique and messy, boil some spaghetti in the morning, wait until it has completely cooled, before running cold water over and mixing with different coloured food dyes. Place the pasta into a large dish and bury some small toys in the mix for your baby to find.

Jelly on a Plate

For this fun, delicious game, take two sachets of jelly mixture (sugar free if you like) and follow packet instructions to make jelly in a large dish. Before setting, add some hard toys into the bowl which the jelly will set around, once set, your little one can set to work rescuing the toys and enjoy a sweet surprise too.

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