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Moringa Tree Active

Moringa Tree's Vitality: Activating Wellness for Baby

Baby skin has fewer elastic fibres than adult skin, is up to five times thinner and is made up of smaller cells. What’s more, the outermost layer of baby skin isn’t as firmly attached to the deeper dermis layer. The result: increased absorption of substances, irritants, allergens and bacteria. 

Particularly in an urban environment:

  • pollutants attack skin cells (sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and gases such as carbon oxide - that can generate free radicals)
  • micro-particles (from degradation of hydrocarbons, combustion of oil and fuel, as well as industrial dust) cover the skin with an invisible poisonous film

To help provide the necessary protection for your little one, we look to moringa tree active as a valuable ingredient, since it has been proven to fight against pollution effects and also purify the skin.

Moringa active is by definition a natural peptide. It is obtained by mild extraction of the seeds of the moringa oleifera, without using any chemical solvent. It has a dual activity, combining the:

  • capacity of protecting the skin cells against aggressions by pollutants 
  • efficacy in purifying the skin by facilitating the removal of all micro-particles from the environment that ‘asphyxiate’ the skin

You’ll find this exceptional ingredient in the Little Butterfly London wrapped in love calming anti-pollution baby face cream. Leaving young, innocent skin reassuringly safeguarded and in optimal condition, it is blended with other natural actives, plant oils and extracts for nourishing and comforting hydration.

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