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      contains an abundance of beneficial, natural compounds including polyphenols, beta-glucan and amino acids. One of the specific beneficial polyphenol compounds in oat is called avenanthramide, which is very helpful for soothing and moisturising the skin. The oat kernel extract is composed of saponins (avenacosides A and B, avenacin) and polyphenols and is obtained by grinding the kernels in to a fine meal. Those elements provide skin relief thanks to their ability to soothe and heal burns, moisturise and prevent premature ageing. They work as a natural anti-oxidant, an anti-irritant and an anti-inflammatory.


      is derived from natural vegetable fats, providing moisturising benefits that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and conditioned.


      comes from the peel of the sweet oranges (Citrus sinensis). It contains a key soothing ingredient linalool that helps relieves tension, stress and creates a peaceful calm atmosphere. It has many healing properties such as soothing, dry, irritated and cracked skin.


      is extracted from the sweet orange fruits and is a natural astringent, rich in vitamin C. With powerful antibacterial and toning properties, it promotes healthy, glowing skin.


      has been used in Asia for centuries, mostly for its reparative and protective properties. Rich in flavonoids and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc, orchid extract nourishes the skin, helps to regulate pigmentation, increase cell regeneration and retrieve natural colouring.

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